About Us

We Love Boots

Our company was born out of a love for boots. We set out to create an original design to make your boots as unique as you are. Producing each pair using the time-honored goodyear welt craftmanship, combining quality with fashion. So once you put on a pair of FREEBIRD boots you feel like you can conquer anything. You are unique and should always stand out from the crowd.


FREEDOM is our foundation, INDIVIDUALITY is our core, and INDEPENDENCE is our virtue. We invite you to step into our world and create new moments that will withstand the test of time.Based in Denver, CO, FREEBIRD has assembled an amazing crew of passionate individuals that share the same drive to build a one of a kind company. We are not just making boots, we are creating wearable works of art.We hope that you appreciate the passion, artisanal value, and vision that goes into creating each pair of shoes.

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